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Read about what our guests have thought about their time aboard Odalisque with Tasmanian Boat Charters.

“A thrilling charter into Tasmania’s pristine wilderness.”

Matthew Denholm, The Australian

“A haven for boaties, birdwatchers and bushwalkers on a boutique cruise.”

Sally Macmillan, The Sun-Herald

“For those who like their adventures wild but their beds soft and showers hot, it’s the perfect way to see one of the world’s most magnificent wilderness areas.”

Lee Atkinson, Audi Magazine

I have travelled far and wide, but this tour was one of the best. The scenery, the remoteness, the friendliness, the knowledge and of course the food made this such a great experience. If you are looking for a tour curated to your tastes in one of the most beautiful places in Australia, then this is it. The boat had all the creature comforts you need for relaxing after a day exploring this remote wilderness.

Tasmanian Boat Charters adventurer 2019   

One of the best holidays I have had so very different and quite a humbling experience to be part of such a special place.

Tasmanian Boat Charters adventurer 2019   

It's hard to even describe this trip. Pieter the skipper and Peter the guide were like encyclopedias with their amazing knowledge - Thanks Peter for the morning coffee !!I loved that nothing was too much trouble and even with a few weather related hiccups they just kept smiling - The Port Davey area is an extraordinary part of South West Coast of Tasmania and I would recommend this trip if you like the wilderness experience but the comfort of a great boat . Our chef was great too. also thanks to Alice who we booked the boat trip through and also who managed to rearrange our on going bookings when the flights were cancelled .at the last minute much appreciated ! Pieter and Alice a wonderful family business , I will be spreading the good word about Tasmania Boat Charters

Maggie, Tasmanian Boat Charters adventurer 2019   

What a memorable, jaw dropping holiday. As a local Tasmanian I had the honor of visiting the internationally renowned but highly inaccessible playground of Bathurst Hbr and Port Davey a long time ago. 30 years later I just had to return to explore and experience this unique wilderness. Logistics was a breeze, with everything taken care of from my first contact with Alice. Thanks Alice!
The experience far exceeded the advertising brochure and website. This is a real, tailored holiday, in one of the most remote and pristine places in the world. Piet and the crew really excelled and made sure my expectations were translated into reality and a hell of allot of luxurious fun.
Thanks again to Piet and the team and I will definitely be returning for another cruise.
......And I finally saw the illusive Orange Bellied Parrot and the Azure Kingfisher.

Scott, Port Davey adventurer 2018   

Truly, one of the worlds most unspoiled natural places. I was so lucky to visit this wilderness with such a friendly crew on board the Odalisque headed up by their knowledgeable and experienced skipper Pieter.
Loved the escape from the hassles of everyday city life and a chance to recalibrate in the raw wilderness of Tasmania's south-west. We saw some of the rarest birds, viewed the homes and remnant work structures of our early pioneers, amazing middens, marveled at the breathtaking scenery and wild rivers.
The Odalisque was a great home base with fantastic food, including the freshest crayfish!
Can't thank you enough and can't stop telling friends about the experience.

Marc R, Port Davey adventurer 2018   

Wreaths of orange-tinged cloud kissed mountains as I stood on the sturdy deck of Odalisque, in awe of the beauty surrounding me. Wild and wonderful Bathurst Harbour. A happy crew, great coffee, a comfortable bed, delicious plentiful food. Skipper Pieter, calm and competent, takes us exploring up the creeks, and generously shares the place he loves with his guests. Catches crayfish and abalone for our dinner. Alice smiles and seamlessly organises everything. We see parrots with orange bellies and finches with their tails on fire. Bush buildings, an airstrip and a weather station. We exchange stories. Play board games. Laughter and bird songs fill the air. A little plane flies over untamed mountains to take us home. A trip that will never be forgotten.

Helen P, Port Davey adventurer 2018   

Our holiday in the Tassie wilderness was quite magical in every respect. It is more than two weeks now since we flew back from Bathurst Harbour after our five days on the Odalisque but we are daily reliving the holiday as it was so memorable. As two of the six guests for the trip, we keep recalling how well we were cared for by the three crew – our skipper, our guide and our chef. Our skipper knew every inch of the waters taking us exploring around the spectacularly pristine bays, rivers and gorges during the day and choosing comfortable sheltered moorings for the nights. Much wildlife was observed due to our ecologist guide being so knowledgeable of the area and identifying everything – highlights were such things as sharing creeks with platypuses playing around us, differentiating between the sand tracks of spotted quolls and Tassie devils and subsequently setting up a camera to successfully get a night shot of the latter, clear sightings of the very rare and critically endangered orange-bellied parrot, great walks over the button grass plains one day and into the rainforest the next, with our guide identifying all the magnificent flora. After our active excursions ashore or up rivers we arrived back at the boat for a hot shower, a pre-dinner drink on the deck as the sun set and more of the chef’s outstanding Tasmanian fare – including a sand whiting being served that we had caught ourselves that afternoon. And all the time being immersed in the most outstanding scenery. Just amazing!!

Jan, Port Davey adventurer 2018   

This was a great adventure trip on a 20metre boat with 3 crew and 3 couples. Our skipper knew the area like the back of his hand and was confident under all weather conditions. Our knowledgeable guide gave us a real insight of the history, flora, fauna and ornithology of the National Park and area. Our third crew member was a professional chef. He delighted us with Tasmanian produce at every meal. He easily accommodated any food intolerances into his food plan. The Odalisque provided very comfortable accommodation for such a wilderness area. Communications with office in Hobart was seamless and any rescheduling for any unforseen circumstances was cheerfully completed without fuss.
Our many treks up hills required good hiking clothing, but was well and truly worth the climb. We thoroughly enjoyed this adventure, and it exceeded our expectations.

Shirley, Port Davey adventurer 2017   

Our 3 day trip aboard the Odalisque was a fabulous way to experience and enjoy the natural beauty, history, flora/fauna, and silence of Tasmania's southwest, while enjoying gourmet meals and comfortable lodging in an atmosphere which felt like a happy family gathering.
We enjoyed a number of boat trips and educational hikes with breathtaking views and many camera moments. Our wonderful, knowledgeable guide even offered to carry our jackets as we peeled off the layers on our ascents. The good hiking boots were an essential, as the walking, while not difficult, was a bit damp and 'lumpy' at times. The air in SW Tasmania felt therapeutic as it is so clear and clean, the water is naturally clean, and the technology detox allowed true relaxation as we dined in the beautiful boat saloon as the sun set.
The lovely boat, the talented skipper, the thoughtful organiser, the encyclopedic guide (jack of all trades), the chef and other guests aboard all made our trip perfect. We are so glad we fitted it into our Tasmania trip.

Scott & Sandra, Port Davey adventurers 2017   

I celebrated my 50th birthday on board the Odalisque with an afternoon cruise around Hobart. Absolutely perfect - vessel very comfortably took all 40 guests - well appointed interior, lounge, kitchen, and flexible deck spaces. lots of options for chatting, mingling, and watching the lovely scenery pass by. Organisation was seamless - Alice and Pieter were extremely helpful. Self-catered by choice but arrangement through the charter was also an option. very well stocked cellar showcasing a range of Tasmanian wine and beer. Thoroughly enjoyed by all - would do it all again tomorrow!

Bridget, Day Charter adventurer 2016   

“What an amazing trip to the hidden treasure that is Port Davey. Three days of exploration, new friendships, walking, diving, and being hosted and being wonderfully wined and dined on board Odalisque. This is a truly unique part of our planet, yet so close to us in Hobart. Enjoying such comfort in what can be a harsh environment makes it really accessible. We had wonderful weather to add to the experience! Thanks Pieter - we'll be back.”

Paul & Asha, Port Davey adventurers 2016   

“Pieter, just a note to say again how much I enjoyed the weekend. You all made Alice and I feel so welcome - it was just wonderful and something to remember my 70th by that's for sure! The South-West is such a special place. We all felt it sitting up there on the upper deck Saturday night. I can't put it into words but I know how it makes me feel. Let’s hope you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of Tasmanians, perhaps in my age bracket, that have never been to the SW and don’t realise what they’re missing. A boat trip like yours makes it possible for them to experience the region. You have put a fantastic product on the tourist market for people to enjoy.”

Peter, Port Davey adventurer 2016   

We spent an amazing three days with Pieter on the beautiful and luxurious Odalisque. Bathurst Harbour has some of the most spectacular scenery I have witnessed; remote, wild and untouched. The diving was also a completely unique experience. This is the ultimate luxury adventure holiday.

Lara, Port Davey adventurer 2016   

The Tasmanian Southwest Park is about as remote as you can get in Tasmania...The three days I spent on Bathurst Harbour were on board the Odalisque… we didn’t only dive – or eat and drink – there was also time for walking including up to the top of Mt Beattie from where we could look down on Odalisque… Thank you owner and skipper Pieter van der Woude.

Tony Wheeler, Co-founder of Lonely Planet   

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