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2021/2022 Expedition Rates

These are also the earlybird rates for 2023.

CruiseStandard cabin
(Per person, twinshare)
Deluxe cabin
(Per person, twinshare)

** Please enquire now for solo traveller rates

Expedition includes

  • Return flights from Hobart to Bathurst Harbour with Par Avion
  • Accommodation aboard Odalisque
  • Expert skipper, interpretive guide and guest chef
  • Menu featuring gourmet Tasmanian produce
  • Fine Tasmanian wine and local boutique beer
  • Tailored itineraries – jet boat excursions, walking, birdwatching, photography, beachcombing …

Prices are in Australian Dollars and include 10% GST. 

*Solo travellers have the option of either a Standard or Deluxe Cabin. Special rates are available for solo travellers on selected departure dates. Please enquire for further information. If you’re looking for a like-minded single traveller to share a cabin with, please let us know and we can add you to our waiting list. 


Between January – May


4, 5 or 7-day

Minimum guest capacity

Minimum of 4 guests for a guaranteed departure

Maximum guest capacity

6 guests (3 couples)
Private groups of up to 10 persons

An extra guest can be added into most cabins for an extra $750 per day. 

Get all the facts, read our Port Davey information sheet: 


2022 Trip Departure Dates

January 2022

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
5th Jan 20228th Jan 20224 daysFrom $5,500Fully Booked
8th Jan 202212th Jan 20225 daysFrom $6,650Fully Booked
14th Jan 202218th Jan 20225 daysFrom $6,650Standard Cabin AvailableBOOK NOW
18th Jan 202221st Jan 20224 daysFrom $5,500Enquire Now
23rd Jan 202227th Jan 20225 daysFrom $7,150Deluxe Cabin RemainingBOOK NOW
27th Jan 202230th Jan 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW

February 2022

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
1st Feb 20224th Feb 20224 daysFrom $5,500Enquire Now
4th Feb 20228th Feb 20225 daysFrom $6,650Standard Cabin AvailableBOOK NOW
10th Feb 202214th Feb 20225 daysFrom $7,150Deluxe Cabin AvailableBOOK NOW
14th Feb 202218th Feb 20225 daysFrom $6,650Fully Booked
21st Feb 202224th Feb 20224 daysFrom $5,500Fully Booked
24th Feb 202227th Feb 20224 daysFrom $5,950Fully Booked
24th Feb 20222nd Mar 20227 daysFrom $9,100Fully Booked
27th Feb 20222nd Mar 20224 daysFrom $5,500 Standard Cabin AvailableBOOK NOW

March 2022

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
2nd Mar 20226th Mar 20225 daysFrom $6,650Fully Booked
8th Mar 202211th Mar 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
11th Mar 202215th Mar 20225 daysFrom $6,650Fully Booked
17th Mar 202220th Mar 20224 daysFrom $5,5002 Cabins RemainingBOOK NOW
20th Mar 202224th Mar 20225 daysFrom $7,1502 Cabins RemainingBOOK NOW
26th Mar 202230th Mar 20225 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
30th Mar 20222nd Apr 20224 daysFrom $5,500Available BOOK NOW

April 2022

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
4th Apr 20228th Apr 20225 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
8th Apr 202211th Apr 20224 daysFrom $5,600AvailablePhotography Cruise - Enquire Now!
14th Apr 202217th Apr 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
14th Apr 202220th Apr 20227 daysFrom $9,100AvailableBOOK NOW
17th Apr 202220th Apr 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
22nd Apr 202225th Apr 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
25th Apr 202229th Apr 20225 daysFrom $7,150Deluxe Cabins AvailableBOOK NOW

May 2022

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
1st May 20224th May 20224 daysFrom $5,600AvailableBOOK NOW
4th May 20228th May 20225 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
10th May 202213th May 20224 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
13th May 202217th May 20225 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW


2023 Trip Departure Dates

January 2023

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
4th Jan 20237th Jan 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
7th Jan 202311th Jan 20235 daysFrom $7,1502 Deluxe Cabins RemainingBOOK NOW
13th Jan 202317th Jan 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
22nd Jan 202325th Jan 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
25th Jan 202329th Jan 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
27th Jan 202330th Jan 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
31st Jan 20233rd Feb 20234 daysFrom $5,500Enquire Now
31st Jan 20236th Feb 20237 daysFrom $9,100Enquire Now

February 2023

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
3rd Feb 20236th Feb 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
8th Feb 202312th Feb 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
14th Feb 202318th Feb 20235 daysFrom $6,6502 Cabins RemainingBOOK NOW
18th Feb 202321st Feb 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
23rd Feb 202326th Feb 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
26th Feb 20232nd Mar 20235 daysFrom $6,6502 Cabins RemainingBOOK NOW

March 2023

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
2nd Mar 20235th Mar 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
7th Mar 202310th Mar 20234 daysFrom $5,500Standard Cabin RemainingBOOK NOW
7th Mar 202313th Mar 20237 daysFrom $9,100Standard Cabin RemainingBOOK NOW
10th Mar 202313th Mar 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
15th Mar 202319th Mar 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
19th Mar 202322nd Mar 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
24th Mar 202328th Mar 20235 daysFrom $6,650Available BOOK NOW
28th Mar 202331st Mar 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW

April 2023

Start dateEnd dateCruise lengthCost per personAvailabilityBook now
2nd Apr 20236th Apr 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
6th Apr 202310th Apr 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
12th Apr 202315th Apr 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
12th Apr 202318th Apr 20237 daysFrom $9,100AvailableBOOK NOW
15th Apr 202318th Apr 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
20th Apr 202324th Apr 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW
24th Apr 202327th Apr 20234 daysFrom $5,500AvailableBOOK NOW
29th Apr 20233rd May 20235 daysFrom $6,650AvailableBOOK NOW

May 2023

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Can’t see a departure date or a trip length that works for you? Get in touch and we’ll happily see if we can create something that fits your holiday itinerary. For up to date availabilities, please check our online booking system by clicking the ‘book now’ button. 

Which trip length is for me?


A perfect taste of the Southwest Wilderness, the 4-day experience gives a great overview into what makes this area so special. Afoot & afloat, you’ll explore all aspects of this pristine area on daily guided excursions.


Sometimes four days doesn’t quite feel like enough… Our 5-day experience will leave you feeling like you’ve had a real wilderness escape. We’ll have just that little bit more time for exploring, adventuring and soaking up the scenery.


Great for those guests wanting a complete immersion in the wilderness, this extended trip length gives us opportunity to see, do & experience more. You’re guaranteed to see Port Davey in all her diverse beauty, from the stunning landscapes to the wild contrasts of the weather. It’s a fantastic option, particularly if you’re a walker.

Odalisque’s Cabins

‘The Arthur’ Standard Twin Cabin

This comfortable cabin contains 1 double bed & 1 single bed. It’s perfect for a couple or two adventurous friends happy to share a cabin. Shared bathroom access, lots of standing space and storage.

Deluxe Cabin

Our premium cabins contain 1 double bed, 1 single bed & ensuite. The included private bathroom means that it’s a great option for those people wanting a little more privacy. The bedroom has lots of standing space and storage.

Expedition cruising through Southwest Tasmania’s pristine waterways and rugged coastline. 

Discover Tasmania’s spectacular World Heritage Area & the Port Davey Marine Reserve.

Our itineraries are fluid, moulded by wind and weather, time and tide and the interests of our individual guests. 

Tailor your itinerary with an endless list of activities including jet boat excursions, walking, beachcombing…

Explore with people who know this wilderness intimately. Find our more about your expert guide and skipper. 

Read what our guests’ loved about this 5-star TripAdvisor ranked experience. 

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