Tasmanian Boat Charters’ has a new toy to add to it’s collection – the Williams 505D Turbojet R.I.B. (colloquially known as a ‘rubber duckie’). The Turbojet is an exciting new addition to our fleet because it means that we are able to explore new nooks & crannies of the South West coastline and Bathurst Harbour’s waterways.

This new tender is propelled by a jet, rather than propeller, which means we can travel through shallower waters than before, because we no longer need to worry about knocking a motor prop on shallow ground or a hidden branch. This season will see us exploring further up the pristine riverine environment of the Davey River than ever before!

The jet boat was taken out for it’s maiden voyage in Port Davey only weeks ago! We look forward to touring this area with our guests when the Port Davey cruise season starts in February 2017.

williams-turbojet-505d             cruising-bathurst-harbour-in-new-jet-boat