On the weekend of 24th/25th November the Odalisque was used as a diving platform for a group of marine biologists from all over the world led by Professor Graeme Edgar.

Associate Professor Graham Edgar, a marine ecologist at the University of Tasmania is one of two winners of a Fulbright Tasmania Scholarship in 2010 on a program about the effectiveness of marine protected areas as a tool for biodiversity conservation. This scholarship is sponsored by the Tasmanian government and the University of Tasmania and was awarded to an applicant to undertake research in the United States on a topic or issue of importance to the state.

Professor Edgar was conducting a 2 week workshop on Maria Island producing the results of base line studies done over the last few years on the reefs around the world.

The dive was conducted at Ile Des Phoques Nature Reserve approximately 10 miles north of Maria Is and 6 miles off the Tasmanian coastline. The site is occupied by many seals and is renowned for its underwater caves.