“Most boat repair and maintenance activities have the potential to adversely affect aquatic plant and animal life. They may also threaten human health and environmental amenity. The greatest risk to the environment results from maintenance activities at facilities that do not have adequate waste containment structures.”

This statement is taken from a draft report available from Department of Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts Environment Division. The reports is titled:-

Environmental Best Practice Guidelines for
Boat Repair and Maintenance Facilities and
In-Water Vessel Maintenance
March 2008


Cleanlift is Tasmania’s only environmentally friendly under cover boat slipping system and is suitable for vessels up to 25m in length. If you have a boat that needs slipping and would like to do your part helping to keep our already damaged waterways as pristine as possible, then Cleanlift may be a better option for you. Check them out, give them a call.


–  Pieter