About Tasmanian Boat Charters

Tasmanian Boat Charters is a family owned & operated business which has been operating since 1998. Pieter van der Woude, a long time lover of Tasmania’s coastline, its waters and the treasures it holds, established the business so as to be able to share Tasmania’s coastal wilderness with like-minded explorers

From 1998 to 2014, charters were operated from the original vessel, also called the Odalisque. This vessel was primarily used as an abalone diving mother ship, however it was also used for tailored charters.

It was the desire to create an experience which would allow people to experience Tasmania’s remote & pristine South West coastline, an area inaccessible to many, which inspired Pieter to have the current Odalisque built. The 20m vessel was custom-made to cruise Tasmania’s coastline and we take great joy in discovering with our guests what we see as one of the most unique & special places in the world. 

Pieter van der Woude

Owner, Skipper, Master

Tasmanian Boat ChartersThe skipper and owner, Pieter van der Woude, has had a lifetime of experience around the coastline of Tasmania, including 25 years as an abalone diver, and has acquired an intimate knowledge of our secret, untouched rivers and bays. With 12 years in the Tasmanian Police Force, Pieter was heavily involved in Diving, Search and Rescue, and marine sections, obtaining his Master 5 Cert. During the off season, Pieter is employed by the Australian Antarctic Division where his boating skills are used to unload and load the RV Aurora during re-supply operations of the various Antarctic bases and Southern Ocean Islands, including Macquarie Island. His experience and passion for the waters and marine life has made him the perfect skipper for guests wanting to explore the remote Tasmanian Southwest and Southern Ocean waters.


Alice van der Woude

Experience Manager

Alice is our passionate, innovative and attentive manager here at Tasmanian Boat Charters. She’s enthusiastic about sharing such a special part of world with people looking to explore Tasmania’s coastal wilderness. After studying law & business at the University of Tasmania, we lost her to Sydney for a brief time before she ‘saw the light’ and returned to Hobart, where she loves working in a small, family business. Alice has extensive experience in marketing, advertising and guest services. Growing up in Hobart, she has enjoyed many adventures into the Tasmanian wilderness on both land and water based holidays. When she’s not organising cruises on the water, she’s underwater, playing underwater hockey.

If you have any questions about anything at all, Alice is your go-to-girl. She can be reached via the Contact Us page.

Alice recently featured in Tailored Tasmania 2, the guide book for exploring Tasmania like a local. Read the article here.


Previous Clients

We can match our charters to meet the unique requirements of any group. To illustrate, here are examples of charters undertaken over recent years on the original Odalisque.

  • 2005 Japanese television crew chartered the Odalisque for 28 days for diving and filming in Port Davey/Bathurst Harbour.
  • 2008 BBC – 14 day charter for the filming of the “Southern Ocean” segment of their “Oceans” Series.
  • 2009 Japanese television crew chartered the Odalisque for 14 days for diving and filming in Port Davey/Bathurst Harbour.
  • Tasmanian Aquaculture and Fisheries Institute (TAFI) conducting water sampling in Storm Bay on a monthly basis.
  • 2009 Charter by a group of food and wine buffs where they visited many of the great coastal restaurants, and also cooked their own meals consisting of freshly caught local seafood, including abalone and southern rock lobster.
  • Numerous private bookings over the years where we introduced families or couples to the wild Eastern, Southern and Western regions of Tasmania.  These experiences included sightseeing, discovering oceanic seabirds, continental shelf fishing, flathead fishing, and dolphin, seal and whale watching, etc.
  • National Geographic/CSIRO charter with Barry Bruce and world renowned photographer David Doubilet. looking for Great White Sharks off the Friars