Multi-day adventure cruises in Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour, South West Tasmania


** Only one trip date left for 2017** Embark on a three day, all-inclusive expedition into Bathurst Harbour, Port Davey. An ecotourism adventure where you will be one of the privileged few to witness the south west region of the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area. Be captivated by the harbour’s rugged terrain, marine reserves and its beautiful mirrored waters, and learn about the region’s history. Enjoy delicious, fresh Tasmanian produce and fine wine, all the while taking in the panoramic views in the comfort of your vessel, Odalisque.


A 4 day expedition into Port Davey is for those that want to ‘do it all’ on their wilderness adventure. An expedition of this length maximises the possibilities of heading out to Maatsuyker Island, being set ashore amidst a seal colony before walking to Australia’s most southerly lighthouse to witness the breathtaking scenery overlooking the Needles. This extended journey is for anyone who wants to appreciate the ever changing environment of the region. Be assured, you and your travel companions will likely be the sole visitors.


** Only one trip date left for 2017** This extended five day expedition allows time to experience the diversity of landscapes the region has to offer, and to explore the Marine Reserve habitat and rivers. You will be taken ashore to commence one of the many walks across the buttongrass moorlands to the summits of the mountains, where you will marvel at the spectacular wilderness views. Venture out of the harbour aboard the Odalisque, and discover rocky foreshores and striking quartzite peaks rising from the Southern Ocean, and wander along pristine white sandy beaches.



Port Davey

If you are coming to Tasmania we recommend using Innkeepers for accommodation.



I celebrated my 50th birthday on board the Odalisque with an afternoon cruise around Hobart. Absolutely perfect - vessel very comfortably took all 40 guests - well appointed interior, lounge, kitchen, and flexible deck spaces. lots of options for chatting, mingling, and watching the lovely scenery pass by. Organisation was seamless - Alice and Pieter were extremely helpful. Self-catered by choice but arrangement through the charter was also an option. very well stocked cellar showcasing a range of Tasmanian wine and beer. Thoroughly enjoyed by all - would do it all again tomorrow!

Bridget, Day Charter adventurer 2016   

“Pieter, just a note to say again how much I enjoyed the weekend. You all made Alice and I feel so welcome - it was just wonderful and something to remember my 70th by that's for sure! The South-West is such a special place. We all felt it sitting up there on the upper deck Saturday night. I can't put it into words but I know how it makes me feel. Let’s hope you might be pleasantly surprised by the number of Tasmanians, perhaps in my age bracket, that have never been to the SW and don’t realise what they’re missing. A boat trip like yours makes it possible for them to experience the region. You have put a fantastic product on the tourist market for people to enjoy.”

Peter, Port Davey adventurer 2016   

We spent an amazing three days with Pieter on the beautiful and luxurious Odalisque. Bathurst Harbour has some of the most spectacular scenery I have witnessed; remote, wild and untouched. The diving was also a completely unique experience. This is the ultimate luxury adventure holiday.

Lara, Port Davey adventurer 2016   

The Tasmanian Southwest Park is about as remote as you can get in Tasmania...The three days I spent on Bathurst Harbour were on board the Odalisque… we didn’t only dive – or eat and drink – there was also time for walking including up to the top of Mt Beattie from where we could look down on Odalisque… Thank you owner and skipper Pieter van der Woude.

Tony Wheeler, Co-founder of Lonely Planet   

“What an amazing trip to the hidden treasure that is Port Davey. Three days of exploration, new friendships, walking, diving, and being hosted and being wonderfully wined and dined on board Odalisque. This is a truly unique part of our planet, yet so close to us in Hobart. Enjoying such comfort in what can be a harsh environment makes it really accessible. We had wonderful weather to add to the experience! Thanks Pieter - we'll be back.”

Paul & Asha, Port Davey adventurers 2016